Exhibition A


Exhibition A is a love letter to Women of Color, written in Virtual Reality.


This playful social VR experience is a collaboration built by Nick Hall of Yarn Co and recording artist JanaeSound and her educational non-profit, Coded by Young Women of Color. CYWOC educates, empowers, and engages young Women of Color in computer science and emerging technology.



Play as glittering disco-ball avatars amidst intimate performances of music, dance, and poetry including:
Veeva Banga’s Afrobeats Dance;
“Kiwi Drip” by Adrienne Mack-Davis and Felicia Cruz;
spoken word from Portland’s Poet Laureate, Maya Williams;
“Diamonds” by rock singer, JanaeSound;


One of the world’s first examples of networked hand tracking in VR, it allows players to use natural gestures as part of the virtual social experience, evoking a sense of magic and hidden powers. Exhibition A is an invitation to join CYWOC to develop the skills to work with these emerging technologies.


Built by:
Nick Hall (Interactive 3D art)
Janaesound (Director / Producer/ Curator/ Performer)


Longtime collaborators Nick Hall and Janaesound (‘Juneteenth-Showcase’, ‘Beyday’, ‘Hear,Here’)  built Exhibition A during the extended COVID lockdown, when many performance venues were closed in the United States, to demonstrate a new way for artists to share their work, a new way for venues to utilize their spaces, and an intimate way for folx to enjoy music.


Sponsored by Martin’s Point Healthcare, Hannaford, Bangor Savings, Yarn Corporation, Storyboard Inc., Solotoff Law, Halo at The Point, State Theatre, Thompson’s Point